In 1905, Léon Sentenac, a Toulouse figure and grand-father of the current owners founded the wine bar called « Aux caves du Père Léon » (« cellars of Père Léon »). 

More than a century later, the wine bar became a “Brasserie”, totally refurbished in 2012. The atmosphere is made of a subtle blend of modernism and family tradition and provides to this place the status of a genuinely local institution.

The simplicity of the menu is the result of our desire to share with you our passion for authentic cuisine, the one which respects the product and its producer as well. 



  • Open from Monday until Saturday (7 am to 7.30 pm)
  • Closed in the evening and on Sunday 
  • 60 seats ground floor dining room
  • 48 seats first floor dining room
  • Terrace open all year
  • Service (12 pm to 4 pm)
  • Group reservations possible on our balcony floor, contact us.



Le menu

La Formule du Jour

  • Starter only or Main course only 11,50€
  • Starter + Main Course or Main Course + Dessert or Starter + Dessert 16,50€
  • 3 courses 20,50€

Starter of the day
Tomato and Mozzarella Salad, with Olive Oil and Basil V
Platter of Beef Carpaccio (approx. 70 G. origin France), Grana Padano Flakes and Salad

Meat of the Day 
Fresh fish from the market
“The Pere Leon Burger” - Pure Minced Beef (approx. 180 G. origin France) - Onion Confit, Cheddar, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Home-made Sauce and French - Supplément 3€

Dessert of the day
Cheese-Cake with “TUC”-style Crackers
Home-made Tiramisu

Gourmet Menu - 29,50€

6 Oysters (Calibre N° 2 Marennes-Oléron) 
Traditionally Prepared Semi-Cooked Duck Foie Gras with Toast

Iberico Pork Pluma, Basque-style Sauce with Espelette Pepper, Sauteed Potatoes with Parsley
Cod Loin, Home-made Seasonal Ratatouille, Pan-Fried Mushrooms, and Tangy Apples

Nougat Ice Cream
Café or Thé Gourmand

Toulousain Menu - 26,50 €

Toulouse-Style Accras (Stuffed with Duck, ...)
Confit of Gizzard, Walnut and Tomato Salad with Croutons

Homemade Cassoulet with Duck Leg Confit and Toulouse Sausages
Calf’s Head with Ravigote Sauce Père Léon style 
Gascon Casserole with Finely Sliced Duck Breast on a Bed of Potatoes and Onions

Vanilla and Violet Ice Cream Sprinkled with Violet Liqueur and topped with Whipped Cream
Crème Brulée of the Day

Menu for children (up to 12) - 10,50€

Beef Burger and Homemade Fries
Scoop of Ice Cream with Whipped Cream
A choice of orange juice, Coca-Cola or lemonade or Squash


A la Carte

Starters / Tapas

  • Toulouse-style Accras (Stuffed with Duck) 11
  • 6 Oysters / 12 Oysters (Calibre N°2 Marennes-Oléron) 10€ / 18€
  • Traditionally Prepared Semi-Cooked Duck Foie Gras with Toast 18
  • Mediterranean Vegetables in Puff Pastry with Grana Padano Flakes 14€ V
  • Platter of Tapas (pan con tomate, Saucisson, Local Ham, Rillettes of Duck, Tortilla, Chorizo, Manchego and Comté Cheese) 18€ (for 2) / 10€ (for 1)


  • “Caesar” (Lettuce, Chicken, Egg, Grana Padano Flakes, Croutons, Tomatoes and White Sauce with Anchovies) 14
  • Niçoise (Lettuce, Tuna, Anchovy, Green Beans, Black Olives, Potatoes, Hard-boiled Egg, Tomatoes). 14€ 
  • Vegetarian (Lettuce, Carrots, Tomatoes, Apples, Croutons, Walnuts, Roquefort and Hard-boiled Egg) 14€ V
  • Italian (Lettuce, Tomatoes, Mozzarella di Bufala, Olive Oil with Basil). 16€ V
  • Country(Salad,Tomatoes,WarmPotatoes,BaconBitsandHard-boiledEgg) 14€
  • Quercynoise (Salad Leaves, Walnuts, Croutons, Confit of Gizzards, Tomatoes and Roquefort). 16€
  • Gourmet (Salad, Walnuts, Dried Fillet of Duck Breast, Confit of Gizzards, Tomatoes and Toast with Foie Gras) 16€

Our Burgers / Main Courses

  • “The Pere Leon Burger” - Pure Minced Beef (approx. 180 G. origin France) - Onion Confit, Cheddar, Local Ham, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Home-made Sauce and French Fries 14,50€
  • “Veggie Burger”– Cheese Steak (approx. 150 G.) - Lettuce - Tomatoes, Onion Confit, Cheddar, Pesto Sauce and Home-Made Chips 14€ V
  • Charolais Steak tartare hand cut (approx. 180g - orig. France), Salad and Home-made Fries. 16€
  • Rib Steak of Beef (env. 350 G. orig. Germany), Salad and Home-made Fries 21€
  • Prime Rib of Beef for 2 (approx. 1,2 Kg. orig. Germany) Salad and Home-made Fries 49€
  • Iberico Pork Pluma, Basque-style Sauce with Espelette Pepper, Sauteed Potatoes with Parsley 22€
  • Cod Loin, Home-Made Seasonal Ratatouille, Pan-fried Mushrooms and Tangly Apples 22€ 

Our specialites

  • Calf’s head with Ravigote sauce, Père Léon style. 20€
  • Traditional fillet of duck breast served on a bed of onion potatoes 20
  • Homemade Toulouse-style cassoulet with duck leg confit 20


Suitable for Vegetarians
Net prices – 12% included service.


Means of payment : Visa, MasterCard, Cash