Our breakfast shows up as self-serve buffet at only 10€ per person. In order to well start the day, take time to eat and enjoy our complete formula.



The buffet is filled with fresh, varied and balanced products:


  • Variety of pastries
  • Mini pastries, croissant, pain aux raisins (Chelsea bun), chocolate rolls, Cereals
  • Jams, Nutella, honey
  • Fruit compotes, natures and fruits yoghurts
  • Fresh fruits : Bananas, apples, grapefruits (according to season)


  • Hard-boiled eggs, fresh eggs and soft-boiled eggs
  • Ham and prosciutto
  • Cheeses
  • Sweet or semi-salt butter
  • Fresh baguette white bread

*Soya milk and gluten free bread available under request.

Hot drinks

  • Coffee, milk, hot chocolate, teas, cappuccino

Fresh drink

  • Mineral water, apple juice, orange juice